Welcome to the Roaring 2020’s

Oh to be back in February of 2020.. So carefree, so fun-loving, so naive – we all thought we had re-entered the roaring 20’s! Inspired by the calendar, my love of Peaky Blinders, and his love of cocktail lore, we decided to host a 1920’s themed party.
Right before the chaos of covid hit, we were able to shove 15 people into a tiny studio apartment for an evening of revelry to honor what we thought would be the start of a wonderful decade.

The Must Haves:

  • Club name and house rules
  • A hearty sprinkle of gold glitter & shimmer
  • Era-appropriate cocktails made by a well dressed barkeep
  • A prohibition playlist
  • Moody candles, feathers, and beads everywhere
  • Surfaces plastered with WANTED posters of timely gangsters
  • Smuggled liquor boxes
  • Candy cigarettes (need to have the maximum number of vices available)

The Menu:

Food was kept to simple snacks – you weren’t sneaking off to the speakeasy for a gourmet meal, you were sneaking off for a strong drink!

  • Bee’s Knees – gin, lemon, honey syrup
  • Boulevardier – whiskey, campari, sweet vermouth
  • Mexican Firing Squad – tequila, lime, grenadine, angostura bitters, soda water
  • Planter’s Punch – dark rum, lime, pineapple, orange, grenadine
  • Greyhound – vodka, grapefruit

The Decor:

Granted, there was not a lot of space to work with, and what little space there was provided a very weird layout for welcoming a small crowd. Photo wall backdrops were used to designate the “party” space and made for a fun and mysterious walk to the bathroom around the corner. Candles, feathers, metallic banners, and empty bottles were scattered around to create a feeling of classy clutter. To ensure the place didn’t reek of a million different scents from the decorative candles, unscented votives were dropped in to get the jewel glow effect without the mishmash smell.

And despite all the riffraff and rabble-rousing, there weren’t any raids of The Shark Fin Club.


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