Peaky Blinders Family Meeting

One year into the pandemic lifestyle brought about the need for a new and exciting board game. And what better game to find than one inspired by a show you’re in the middle of binge watching (again)? I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up and decorate, so this purchase was used as an excuse to turn the apartment into a mix of The Garrison and the Shelby house.

The Must Haves:

  • Homage to key locations from the show including The Garrison Tavern and the Shelby home & betting shop
  • Tchotchkes everywhere
  • More is more: vases, crystal accents, glass jars, and other shimmery things
  • Era appropriate flowers: tulips, calla lilies, and lavender
  • Wanted posters, Derby ads, and betting slips

“Sir, with the greatest respect… Thomas Shelby is a murdering, cutthroat, mongrel, gangster.”

The Menu:

  • We have this era to thank for the popularity of finger foods: Oysters Rockefeller, deviled eggs, and mushroom cups are some simple go-to nosh
  • Table snacks: nuts, trail mix, olives
  • Fish & Chips
  • The most important part of the menu, DRINKS: while they mostly drink straight rum and whiskey on the show, 1920’s cocktails could also be served

The Decor:

Going along with the more is more theme, sequins and shimmer were sprinkled everywhere. Rich colors, embroidered accents, and plenty of candlelight glow brought about the lavishly cluttered feel of the Shelby home on the show.

A simple brick wall photo backdrop made the place feel like a dirty gambling den and was the perfect background for some betting boards. Horse sketches, derby adverts, and betting slips filled just about every surface to get ready for a trip to the track to take down Sabini.

This place is under new management, by order of the Peaky Blinders.


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