Under the Sea

How do you celebrate an aquarium lover’s birthday? By turning their apartment into a mini aquarium thanks to a reef install, bobbing bubbles, fishing nets, and festive cocktails!

The Must Haves:

  • DIY coral setup that could (almost) rival the Great Barrier Reef
  • Bubble balloons and bubble sounds to transport you under the sea
  • Fish bowl drinks
  • Tropical seaside candle
  • And of course, having a giant salt water tank filled with coral, anemone, and tropical fish is a major perk

The Coral:

Apparently “Under the Sea” is a popular Vacation Bible School theme so there was a lot of inspiration floating around on the internet for this setup. Easy DIY floral mesh anemones propped up along a sandy sequin table runner on boxes served as the base of the reef. From there, ample paper products were built and scattered. Honeycomb spheres, crepe paper, and floral banners add extra pops of color and fun textures.

Creativity hit at the right time with the decision to turn two teal pinwheels and a mini balloon into a perfect oyster and pearl.

The Bubbles:

clear balloons +
fishing wire =
adorable bubbles floating to the surface


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